Beaucerons are great dogs. An extremely old breed, they are pretty common in France but relatively rare in America. Originally bred to protect sheep flocks from wolves, which in France they still do, they're possibly the ideal family dog. They're extremely good with children, other pets and their people, while at the same time being very protective, highly intelligent and trainable. They are big, working dogs and need lots of space and a willingness on the part of their people to work with them.

While the "official" breed name is Beauceron, in France they are also called Berger de Beauce and Bas Rouge.

In France, Beaucerons work at almost every dog profession -- farming, shepherding, seeing eye, police, handicapped assistance and military roles. In fact, Beaucerons were almost wiped-out as a breed during WWII.

There's lots of information about Beaucerons on the Web. The links on the right are pretty good sources.


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